Schmalz Robotics

Smart Hands for Every Cobot

Schmalz Robotics

Smart Hands for Every Cobot

With the Schmalz selection aids you can quickly and easily find the right products for you and your application. Try it now!

Predefined gripper sets allow you to quickly select a standard gripper for your Cobot. The gripper sets include a vacuum generator and the corresponding gripper.

Vacuum grippers are particularly suitable for the use with Cobots. They are gentle on the workpiece and offer safety for for the operator.

Electric vacuum generator from Schmalz offer great flexibility. These CobotPumps are independent of compressed air and require no additional tubing.

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Trade Fairs & Congresses

You will find Schmalz both as an exhibitor and with specialist presentations on the subject of robotics at trade fairs and congresses worldwide.

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