Vacuum Generator ECBPM

The electric vacuum generator ECBPM is particularly light and compact. It is typically combined with a single suction cup and is used on collaborative robots with a payload of up to three kilograms.

When developing the ECBPM, Schmalz focused on compact dimensions, low weight and easy installation. The new vacuum component measures only 63 millimeters in diameter and about 57 millimeters in height and weighs only 250 grams including the flange. A large part of the robot’s payload is thus available for the workpiece to be handled.

Energy-saving control in the pump ensures particularly efficient operation: it interrupts vacuum generation as soon as a certain vacuum value is reached and only reactivates it when the vacuum drops below a defined minimum value.

The heart of the pump is an extremely low-wear motor. It provides a vacuum of over 600 mbar and develops a pumping speed of 1.6 litres per minute. The small CobotPump thus generates sufficient suction power to reliably perform tasks such as bin-picking – i.e. gripping suction-tight objects from a container.

Thanks to the flange adapter plate and central electrical interface with M8 plug, the ECBPM is quickly installed and can be controlled directly according to the “Plug & Work” principle.

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