Compact Ejector SCPM

The compact ejector from the SCPM family is a particularly space-saving, decentralized vacuum generator that is highly absorbent and easy to integrate. With its optimized power density and small size, it is particularly suitable for use on lightweight robots and cobots.

Unlike the electric vacuum generators, the ejector is not installed between the robot and the gripper, but is attached centrally to the robot arm. A compressed air line supplies the ejector with compressed air, the vacuum is transferred to the gripper via a vacuum line.

The compact ejector SCPM offers maximum suction power in the smallest space. It provides a vacuum of up to -870 mbar and develops a suction capacity of 28 litres per minute. The automatic air-saving function reduces compressed air consumption by up to 80 %.

The mini-format ejector can be mounted directly on the robot arm to save space, thus reducing interference contours on the gripper. The compact ejector itself has a volume of only 94 cm³, making it one of the smallest compact ejectors on the market. With a weight of only 80 g, it is also a real lightweight.

With the basic body SCPM, three different characteristics can be mapped thanks to different modules. In addition to the basic version SCPMb (Basic), a c variant (Controlled) is also available. The SCPMc version reduces compressed air consumption during handling by more than 80 percent through additional functions such as automatic air-saving and active blow-off.

In the i-version (intelligent), the SCPMi also offers numerous functions for monitoring and controlling the entire production process.